Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can be seen at the Student Health Clinic?

ALL currently enrolled students of Red Rocks Community College. This includes full-time and part-time students, online students, students in the fire academy, and students who are completing an internship. Some students may have to pay the health clinic fee (approximately $21 per semester) prior to being seen.

ALL employees of Red Rocks Community College (full time, part time, adjunct, etc.) can be seen at the SHC for a co-pay of $30 per visit. Please visit the For Employees page for more information. 

  • Do I need health insurance to be seen at the Student Health Clinic?

No health insurance is needed. Student fees are used to help pay for the majority of the costs to have a health clinic on campus. Some services may require payment to help off-set costs (ex: vaccinations) but costs have been kept as minimal as possible. 

  • If I have health insurance, can I still be seen at the Student Health Clinic?

Yes. Your student fees cover the cost of seeing the providers at the clinic, but health insurance can be helpful if you need to have lab work drawn or if you need medical imaging.

  • What if I need lab work or medical imaging but I don’t have insurance?

The RRCC Student Health Clinic has created partnerships with various businesses in the community who give self-pay patients a great rate. For example, we utilize Colorado Laboratory Services for lab work and pathology. If a patient is self-pay, the cost of your tests will be discounted by 40% if you agree to pay your bill within 25 days of receiving it.

  • If I have health insurance, can I opt out of the Student Health Fee?

No. The Student Health Clinic fee is a part of your regular student fees while attending school at RRCC. While some students may need to opt-in, those who pay regular student fees may not opt-out. The fee is only approximately $21 per Fall and Spring semester and only $11 for the summer term. 

  • Will the clinic give me medicine for a headache if I stop by?

No, not without been seen as a patient first. As a practicing family medicine clinic, we cannot legally hand medications out without having a patient establish care (fill out medical forms, sign documents, etc.) and be evaluated for their medical complaint. While this may seem extensive for a mild complaint such as a headache, we must adhere to legal regulations that protect both the patient and the clinic providers.     

If you do not have the time for an appointment, several over the counter medications can be purchased at the RRCC Bookstore.

  • Can I get a band aid at the clinic?

Yes. We are happy to clean up and bandage small wounds, or simply give you a band aid. We will also make sure that you do not need additional medical care (such as stitches or a Tetanus shot) when you stop by.

  • What should I do in an emergency situation?

If you are unable to get to the clinic, call 911 from a campus phone (or 303-914-6394 from a cell phone) and you will be connected with Campus Police. They will act as your emergency response team and will follow appropriate procedures to take care of you. If you present to the clinic with an urgent medical problem, we will triage you and assist you within our scope of practice. We may have to call 911 and send you to the Emergency Room or refer you to an Urgent Care depending on severity of illness or injury.