Paraeducator K-12 Professional Development at Red Rocks Community College

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) strengthens paraprofessional requirements to include two years of postsecondary education or, for an applicant with a high school diploma, the demonstration of necessary skills on an academic assessment. All new hires must meet these requirements, and existing paraprofessionals have four years to comply with them. The NCLB cites the following as appropriate roles for paraprofessionals:

  • Providing one-on-one tutoring for eligible students
  • Assisting with classroom management (such as organizing instructional and other materials)
  • Providing assistance in a computer lab
  • Conducting parental involvement activities
  • Providing support in a library or media center
  • Acting as a translator
  • Providing, under the direct supervision of a teacher, instructional services

RRCC has developed a Paraeducator Certificate to assist paraprofessionals in meeting these new requirements. Click on certificate above to get the list of classes.

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